Wednesday, 18 March 2015



(As in trends that are really huge for a season and you can't get away from them until they phase out just about as quickly as they appeared, not those chalky candy sticks from the 90s that kids used to pretend were cigarettes.)

I try not to buy into trends, because I'm above that, no I joke. I try not to buy into trends because I try to  avoid throwing my money at things because I've seen all the cool kids wearing them, only to have what ever that may be sit in my closet eyeing me from the dusty corner in which I abandoned it. i.e. anything by Windsor Smith, that Zara skort, a camo print T-shirt from that one month when everyone wore camo.

But still I am feeling particularly drawn to the white sneaker trend at present. More specifically, the stan Smith Adidas originals.

These beauties can be found here

But I also quite like these Nike ones


I also found great pleasure in perusing who what wear for these outfit inspiration pictures, so without further a due, some pics to further persuade me to buy into yet another fad. 


White sneakers: all the cool kids are wearing them.

Side note, who remembers fads? 

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