Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bum Bags and Fanny Packs

I used to give my mum so much shit for wearing a bum bag, so the other night when I confessed to her that I had just spent about an hour searching for one online she just laughed in my face.  

But its true, I did spend a good portion of my night perusing every corner of the internet in a desperate attempt to find the perfect one. And I kid you not, not too many months ago, when I was still 17 and had not yet signed up for the all powerful Paypal (which was probably a good thing), I stumbled across a 'belt bag' on Nasty Gal. As soon as I saw it I thought I could totally rock that! I even sent a snap chat to my friend with a caption stating how much I needed it in my life.   

But of course now it is no longer available and bumbags and fanny packs are proudly worn on the streets. And I'm determined to work a bumbag before its too late, before its over and no one wants to look at it anymore. I know I just said that I didn't want to buy into fads, but come on tell me this isn't sick

Tell me this doesn't just make her outfit
I'm a pretty avid hater of belts that don't serve a purpose. Belts that aren't worn to keep trousers up or to cinch a waist but are just kind of hanging there. I hate that. But a belt that's also a bag serves the ultimate purpose. Let's not ignore the practicality of this 'micro-trend' as referred to over on Who What Wear.

Yes, I'll admit that when I hear the words 'fanny pack' or 'bum bag' I immediately think of a tourist is a visor cap and Birkenstocks with a camera hanging from his neck and his valuables strapped to his chest. Or my mum walking the dog. They are kind of lame and awkward looking in a way, but hey, I mean Birkenstocks are pretty ugly lets be honest, but they're also super cool and trendy.

Nothing about this screams tourist or mum to be honest, I mean, look at those leather pants!
I feel like we've reached a turning point in the fashion world where there just isn't anything new. No trend is completely original and revolutionary, everything is just repetition, because everything has already been done. Tie-dye, neon, camouflage, it all just comes back around. With the Birkenstock trend, and now this, its almost as if we're making fun of ourselves and the fashion industry as a whole. Making some sought of sartorially satirical comment. Its cool to look ugly, its cool not to care.

Anyway, I feel that that's a topic to be discussed in depth later on. Stay tuned for that, but don't hold your breath.    

Back to the main event

This is just all class
Even major designers like Chanel, Alexander Wang, Elizabeth and James, Hermes, and Rebecca Minkoff have designed a bum bag or two. And lets not forget the time Carrie Bradshaw rocked a Gucci fanny pack 

Or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 

Paired nicely with a turtleneck  
Also the name of this particular bum bag from Nasty Gal is reason enough

Cold Blooded Fanny Pack
Soon I too will be working a bum bag on the streets of Perth, so keep an eye out for that.

Photo Credit: Who What Wear and google images  

Wednesday, 18 March 2015



(As in trends that are really huge for a season and you can't get away from them until they phase out just about as quickly as they appeared, not those chalky candy sticks from the 90s that kids used to pretend were cigarettes.)

I try not to buy into trends, because I'm above that, no I joke. I try not to buy into trends because I try to  avoid throwing my money at things because I've seen all the cool kids wearing them, only to have what ever that may be sit in my closet eyeing me from the dusty corner in which I abandoned it. i.e. anything by Windsor Smith, that Zara skort, a camo print T-shirt from that one month when everyone wore camo.

But still I am feeling particularly drawn to the white sneaker trend at present. More specifically, the stan Smith Adidas originals.

These beauties can be found here

But I also quite like these Nike ones


I also found great pleasure in perusing who what wear for these outfit inspiration pictures, so without further a due, some pics to further persuade me to buy into yet another fad. 


White sneakers: all the cool kids are wearing them.

Side note, who remembers fads? 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Self Defence

I'm sure by now its general common knowledge that outfits of the martial arts persuasion have been very present on the spring runways. Judo belts and Obi belts alike are currently a more favoured accessory when cinching an oversized coat or dress. Jackets, shirts and pants akin to that sought of style of the east Asian traditional 'fighting art'. And Im kind of feeling it.

Marni SS 15

Celine SS 15

3.1 Phillip Lim SS 15
The Row SS 15

I'm a very impressional person. So much so that after seeing a kid at my gym in his full Karate get-up at what must have been a "bring-your-kid-to-the-gym-day" (seriously there were kids everywhere) I immediately went on to ebay and searched 'karate outfit'.

seriously guys this is so high fashion

 Don't worry I'm not that insane. You won't find me going to class in a karate uniform any time soon. But i have had my very lustful eye on this set from topshop that speaks to me on a very martial arts inclined level.

Wool Takashi Top and Tie-Side Takashi Trousers by Boutique

Too bad they don't stock it at the Perth store and they don't have my size online. Although that's probably a good thing, I don't know if i should be spending $300 on clothes at this point in my young life.

Photo credit: and

Monday, 2 March 2015

New Lengths

In case you hadn't noticed in my most recent outfit post, I've cut my hair, again. This time from a 'lob' to a fully fledged bob. I guess it was just getting to the point where I've looked at myself too often and for far too long and now I'm bored of seeing the same thing everyday.

Does anybody else get that?

So I took myself down to Circles in Subiaco for the third time in under three months. Bringing with me this photo from the instagram account of ChelseaWears.

what a babe

Totally disregarding the fact that we have completely different hair types. But alas this was the goal and i was determined to achieve it.

Of course now I'm sitting with it in a sought of bun thing with a very awkward amount of too short hair  hanging out like an overgrown rat tail, or maybe a small mullet.

So yeah, I feel I look a bit like i have 'mum hair'. Which I cannot say to a certain friend of mine, who cut her hair short a couple years back and is currently trying to grow it out, just leaving the gruelling and terrifying 'mum hair' territory.

someone get me a pair of ill-fitting jeans and a mini van

I know I'm not the only one who has experienced a less than satisfying hair cut. That aforementioned friend has only recently mastered the ability of not crying after every hair cut she gets. Baby steps.

Its not the worst haircut I've had, but it's definitely up there. And if there's one guarantee, its that it'll eventually grow.